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How Clean Is The Chimney In Your House?

Householders need to focus on many things in order to keep their property in good condition. This includes cleaning the floors and carpets, maintaining the kitchen and plumbing system and ensuring that the sanitation system is working properly. Then there is the electrical system, which powers many important features of the house, including the lighting, the entertainment systems and the security alarm. This must be monitored and checked regularly for safety reasons. The telecommunications setup, including the phone and internet connection, is also a vital component of a modern home. The chimney, though, can be an afterthought, even among those who focus on maintaining the other aspects of their home heating system.

To overlook the cleaning and maintenance of your chimney is a huge mistake, however. It may not have top of mind awareness, like the aforementioned elements, but this should not be the case, as lack of proper attention can result in costly and potentially dangerous structural damage.

The problem for many people with regard to their chimney is that it is easy to ignore. It is largely invisible, with only a small portion of it being visible from the outside of the building – and even then, far overhead. Inside your home, you really only see the fireplace and for this reason, it is often cleaned whereas the chimney itself is not. Out of sight, out of mind.

Nevertheless, vitally important processes are taking place behind the scenes within the chimney. Smoke and toxic fumes are being dispersed without losing heat from the rooms below. If the interior of the chimney is obstructed, these processes will be impaired, leading to danger to the occupants of the property.

Soot and dirt can also accumulate and cause decay in the chimney, thereby weakening it’s structure.

All of these problems can be avoid with regular cctv chimney inspections and professional sweeping. While it is easy to forgo this in favour of more interesting forms of property maintenance, doing so would be an error of judgement and a potentially dangerous one at that.

Regardless of the size of your house or the number of chimneys it has, take action now and call in the pros. In Ireland, dublin chimney cleaning is the go to company for all things related to sweeping, inspections and general chimney maintenance. Contact them for free advice if you are located in Dublin or in a neighbouring county.