How to enjoy your fireplace

Fireplaces aren’t just heating appliances these days. They create an ambiance inside your house, a place for you and your family to spend some quality time. Nowadays a hose without a fireplace feels like an empty house, without style or charisma. Because fireplaces are such a “hot topic” these days you should enjoy every moment spent around it. Here are some tips that will help you do so.

Add some style to your mantel and surround. The vast majority of fireplaces look just like simple home appliances. You definitely have to check out all the beautiful mantels and fireplace surrounds that you can find online. There are a lot of sizes, colors, and textures so it should be pretty straight forward for you to choose the best one for your home. Thornhill Galleries is a website where you can find some beautiful fireplace surrounds for your home. They have a huge offer of antique fireplaces, Georgian fireplaces and much more.

Keep your tools close. Make sure that every time you have to start a fire or clean the ashes you have the proper tools close. Make a list with everything you need for your fireplace to work perfectly and keep them as close as possible. There is nothing worse than wanting to start a fire and realizing mid-way through the process that you don’t have any matches.

Add a fireback or an insert. If you want to get more heat a fireback is a perfect solution. If you have an old, antique fireplace adding a new fireplace insert will increase its efficiency and it will make fires more enjoyable. These upgrades are pretty simple but still extremely efficient. They will make your fireplace hotter and it will increase its efficiency.

Use only dry wood. One of the best advice for a fireplace owner is to use dry wood only. This is the best thing to do if you want to make sure that your fireplace will work exactly how is planned. Damp wood not only catches fire harder but it also burns with a lot of smoke that can damage your chimney. Make sure that you buy dry wood or you store it properly enough time to dry.

Know when your fire burns at its best. When inviting your friends over and you want to impress them with your fireplace keep in mind that it takes about two hours for wood to reach its burning peak.

Everyone loves to spend time with their loved ones. Now that you know this stuff the time you will spend around your fireplace will be much more enjoyable.

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